Your New Facebook Page – 8 Ways To Draw Traffic

The look of the new Facebook page will take most users some time to get used to but nevertheless can still be an extremely helpful tool for bringing lots of visitors to your website, fan page or other online properties. These timeline pages are better than the old profile pages because they have many separate “modules” that can catch the eye in many ways if you are creative. The biggest drawback, however, is that Facebook decided to do away with being able to make your Facebook fan page a standalone landing page.
You can still get tons of visitors to your profile by being interactive on a daily basis. You obviously want those visitors to “like” your page so your content will be automatically placed on their timeline. When you start collecting subscribers to your page you will want to start getting your “Fans” to engage with you about the content you submit to your Facebook site. Below are a few strategies to make it successful:

- Pose curiosity inducing questions. One way is by simply asking questions of those who ‘like’ us on Facebook. Every day or two we pose a simple question that asks readers either for their opinion, to share an experience that they’ve had, to tell us something about the stuff they are interested in and so forth.

- Make important updates stand out by highlighting them – By highlighting your important posts you can attract more conversation or response. This is a good way to make sure new Facebook users see what’s important on your page.

- Install an iframe page – Although users can no longer have a standalone landing page, they can still put up a iframe page with clickable tabs and links, just like on a blog. In fact there are many developers that would set up and iframe tab for relatively little cost. This gives you increased potential to sell directly from your Facebook page as you can include PayPal buttons, etc… that allow the user to purchase when they are feeling impulsive.

- Use Facebook advertisements – You can draw passive traffic to your Fan pages by purchasing Facebook ads. These ads are typically severed very well regarding relevance. In other words, If you bid on ads about chocolate, they are most likely to appear on someone’s page who has indicated that they like chocolate. Remember that you are after “Likes”, so you’ll want your page to be relevant to the type of ads you buy.

- Always include lots of helpful content on your page. This traffic can then be sent to your blog. Use your Facebook Fan page as director of sorts to allow your fans to get updates on your most current blog posts or snippets on your site.

- Submit an unusual picture or video you have found elsewhere and make interesting comments. If the picture is interesting enough then it may go “viral” and eventually get you lots of traffic and subsequently “eyeballs” to your new Facebook page.

- Install a Facebook button on your blog – Lots of people prefer to use FB as their “newspaper” of sorts and often prefer to get any latest news from a person’s blog by viewing it on their page. The button makes it easier to keep these people informed.

- Send your list to your FB page – I wouldn’t recommended doing this often, but if you find a particularly interesting post or picture, you could send your list to your page. Do this too many times and you will see an increase in unsubscribes.

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