Yellowish Widgets as an SEO Example

a yellow widget, yesterdayYellowish Widgets are ACE!

Here’s a post about yellow(ish) widgets which i am using as a SEO example for a potential client. I am publishing this at around ten o’clock on Thursday night (yes, I work late) and am fully expecting to be on the first page of the search engines for the term yellowish widgets within 1 hour.

Here’s some nonsense that i picked up searching for stuff about widgets…

Ok so most of you alcoholics probably knew this already but now glasses have widgets in them. A while back I got a Stella glass from pub, no I didn’t nickit, I asked, and I loved it but my missus broke it.

Anyway I went for a beer with my Nephew on Sunday and they had the same glasses, I asked again and the old girl behind the jump said no. As with the other glass I asked for I just used my charm and she said I could have one.

Why are widgets Yellow?

When I used it I noticed it was producing beer like a fu**g ice cream cone, huge bas**rd head on it. When I looked the bubbles were swirling up from the bottom in a swirly type fashion. I had a look and in the bottom of the glass are two circles with the words Stella Artois in. So I thought it must be a widgety type thing. I did a Google and apparently they have been using them since 1999.

Ideally this post should be around 500-1000 words, but let’s see how we go with around three hundred.

I was going to backdate this post so that when people visited the design guys site they wouldn’t come across this post and think i’d lost it and was off my rocker, but then I thought – hold on. It’s all about testing, testing, testing anyway and as you know SEO is an ever-changing game and to be on top you need to be trying new ideas constantly.

So, i reckon that’s about it – the simplest SEO, all on-page with that unpopular keyword phrase yellowish widgets – be right back with news…

UPDATE: Took me about 15 minutes to be ranked number 1 on Google with purely basic on-page SEO and nothing else. Obviously I went for a keyphrase with low competition, but just goes to show if you know what you are doing and you’re keeping up with good white-hat SEO techniques, you can rank pretty quickly for your chosen keyword or phrase.

To keep this post at the top of google, i would work on stage 2 of my SEO campaign – Off-Page SEO. Although that won’t happen as I’m taking this post down in an hour  or so (no, let’s leave it for a while and see how long it ranks for! – I won’t bother with any Off-page SEO… )

Below you can see screenshots of my speedy ranking process…

So there you have it folks… The design guys quick and safe SEO tricks to get your sites to the top of the SERPS above your competition! Simple.