WordPress Permalink Problem

Hey Folks!

Duplicate Permalinks ProblemWhen editing your pages, posts and even categories, sometimes WordPress can add a number to the end of the permalink to avoid duplicate URLs.

This sounds like it should be great and a useful tool but sometimes when you are trying to replace “sample” it can rename it “sample-2″ and can get a little stressful.

Here’s a nice and easy way to fully delete the old page without having to go into the database / PHPadmin etc (there’s no need:))
It’s similar to clearing a cache so you can add a new page with the original permalink and without a -2 or -3 after the postname.
Here’s the step by step:

1. Delete your page
2. Click Dashboard > Pages (Not “Add New”)
3. You will see above the page list the following: All, Published, Drafts, Trash
4. Click on “Trash” and select the pages that you want to delete permanently.
5. Click “Bulk Actions > Delete Permanently”
6. Then Recreate your page (by going to “Pages > Add New”) and the permalink should be fine and without a dash or number after the postname.

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