Change Your WordPress Login Logo

How To Change The WordPress Login Image

Hey Folks, I’ve been commissioned by a client to build a membership site within a main blog and what better way than to use WordPress with a membership site plugin (I’m using Membership Premium from the guys at

The thing is, my client wanted a specific logo on the wordpress login screen and until the “Login Logo” guys came along there was no easy way of doing this.

Thankfully they created an awesome wordpress plugin which you can download for free below.

It’s extremely useful if you have either a membership or any type of multi-user site (OR, if you just want your login screen to look cool – ha!)

This plugin allows you to customize the logo on the WordPress login screen. There is zero configuration. You just drop the logo file into your WordPress content directory, named login-logo.png and this plugin takes over.

Note that you should use a transparent background on the PNG image, crop it tightly (no padding pixels) and use a width of exactly 312 pixels for best results. Wider images will be downscaled in modern browsers, but it isn’t recommended to rely on that.


  • Click here to install and activate.
  • Create a PNG image with a transparent background, tightly cropped, with a recommended width of 312 pixels.
  • Upload the PNG image to your WordPress content directory (/wp-content/, by default), and name the file login-logo.png.
  • If you have a multisite install with more than one network, you can also use login-logo-network-{NETWORK ID}.png to assign a different login logo to each network.
  • If you have a multisite install, you can also use login-logo-site-{$blog_id}.png to assign a different login logo to each site.
  • Done! The login screen will now use your logo.


Wordpress Login ImageFAQs:

Why does my image look strange in IE or an outdated browser?

Your image is probably too wide. Wide images are scaled down in IE 9 or other modern browsers, but not in older browsers. Use an image that is no more than 312 pixels wide.


Well, that’s it for today folks. I hope you’ve found this useful – If so please show a little love with a “comment”, “share”, “tweet” or even a plain old “like”. Have a great day!