Why SEOs should learn the basics of Web Design

Guest Post by Charly Daniels

SEO EssexPeople come into search marketing from a variety of different genres. Some are writers, some are magazine editors, some are from PR, etc. Whatever your angle, though, it’s vital that you continue to take on new skills. It’s essential, for instance, that you take on some aspects of basic web development. Here’s why:

It’ll help you reach more clients. Although WordPress is without doubt the easiest backend for SEOs to deal with, you won’t be able to deal with it all the time. Many of your clients will use other backend systems such as Magento, Droopl and even their own bespoke models. Helping to code, even at a basic level, will mean you can comfortably integrate meta strategies in any site.

It will help you add content. ‘Content is king’, as I’m sure you’ve heard thousands of times before. It’s certainly true. However, all those beautiful infographics, interviews and blog posts won’t mean much if you can’t put them anywhere! Knowledge of PHP and CSS will mean that whatever CMS you’re confronted with, you’ll still be able to ensure that the content gets online and is viewed by the right people.

It’ll help integrate with social media. With social becoming more and more important to search rankings, it’s important that your site integrates well with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Whilst WordPress offers easy-to-install plugins that help you do this, but most other CMS won’t – especially not the bespoke ones! Basic programming knowledge ensures that you can integrate your social channels with almost any website, without worrying about plug-ins.

It’ll help you solve problems. You can conduct the perfect SEO campaign, but if the site you’re pointing towards has a whole host of issues then you’re still going to suffer in the SERPs. It’s important for you to be able to look at the way a page is coded, how the meta is set out, how the H1s and H2s are arranged and to be able to improve what you see. Otherwise, the site itself will only hold back your results and make you look worse!

It’ll mean you can conduct an SEO campaign from scratch. Coming into a search campaign when the site’s already on page one is one thing, but starting it from the beginning is entirely another. Being able to develop (even to a basic extent) will mean that you can integrate your own meta data on the pages you want, and will help you control both ends of the campaign.

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