What’s the Magic Word? Tips for Selecting the Right SEO Keyword

Keywords for SEOOne of the most important aspects to SEO is not whether or not you have keywords in your website, but whether you have the right keywords.

It can be a tricky process selecting the right SEO keywords but when you find the perfect phrase it is like a magic word which has the power to bring a wave of traffic to your website. Just like “Abracadabra” or “Open Sesame” all you have to do is write the magic word the right number of times and you will unlock the magic.

One Word Just Won’t Do It

When it comes to keywords you should actually be thinking about keyword phrases instead. This is because ranking for a single word is pretty much impossible at this stage in the game. If you are a company which sells furniture, you can’t simply have “furniture” as your keyword because you will be competing against millions of other websites which also use the same keyword.

By using a keyword phrase you can narrow down your search traffic and have a better chance of ranking high amongst more relevant searches, such as “antique furniture in Manchester” or “outdoor furniture in Bournemouth”.

Also, another reason to use a phrase rather than one word is because your potential customers will not be searching for only one word. Think about it, do you ever do searches for only one word when you are looking for something online? Chances are you use other words to specify your search, which is what your customers will be doing.

Using a more descriptive keyword phrase will also increase your conversation rate as well because it will drive more interested buyers to your site. For example, if someone types the keyword “jewellery” they could be looking for pictures of jewellery, jewellery making techniques, information about jewellery or a variety of other things. However, if they type “silver charm bracelet for sale” they are more likely to make a purchase on the site they find.

However, Don’t Go Crazy

However, it is important not to make your “magic word’ too long. If your keyword phrase is an entire sentence, this will not work very well for a couple of reasons.

First of all, you will need to work in your keyword phrase into your website at a healthy keyword ratio, which is between 1-3% in order for it to be picked up by Google. To get an idea of how many times you will need to repeat the phrase, if your website copy is 1000 words you will need to include the keyword between 10 and 30 times.

It’s possible to include a short keyword phrase in there the right amount of times without it sounding awkward, because you can use short phrases a number of different ways in a sentence. However, if your keyword phrase is long and unwieldy it will be painfully obvious when you try to use it too many times on your website.

Also, the other reason is that the longer the keyword phrase is, the less people are likely to be searching for those exact words. If you get too specific, you will lose a great deal of people who are interested in your niche but perhaps didn’t use your exact words to describe it.

It’s All About Balance

When it comes down to it, the secret trick to finding the magic words for your website is about finding a balance between keyword phrases which are too short to be competitive and ones which are too long to have any search volume.

When you find the phrase which is right in the middle of these two extremes, you will have unleashed the magic power of SEO and you will see your low-traffic problems start to disappear into thin air.

An SEO Company is like a wizard who knows all of the magic keywords that your site needs to unlock its potential for more traffic. Here are some tips for finding that special magic word.