The Most Popular Platforms for Mobile Development

Mobile Phone PlatformsThese days, mobile phones are not solely used for composing and sending short message and calling – they are now considered as the ultimate communication as well as entertainment device! Hence, mobile development has turned into the most viable territory for many developers. Mobile developers all over the world make use of different platforms for mobile for creating many cool and amazing applications.

Many of such platforms are exclusive to the companies that manufacture gadgets, while there are also others that are accessible for 3rd party use. There are many offshore mobile development companies throughout the world that utilize these mobile platforms for developing and running great applications. For custom mobile development projects, you can outsource them to these companies.

Apple iOS

This is the mobile development platform of the so-called i-generation. iOS is utilized by developers for developing apps that are for iPhones, iPads as well as Apple TV. iOS is exclusively utilized for Apple iPhone development, since Apple does not permit its iOS to be installed on 3rd party hardware. The iOS is based on the Mac OS X and so characteristically it is a Unix-like OS.

Google Android

Mobile development has never been the same ever since Android was launched. Based on the modified Linux Kernel version, Android’s user-friendly software stack comprise of Java apps that runs on object-oriented, Java-based app framework over Java core libraries. Android began as the operating system (OS) of a little start-up firm and was acquired later on by Google.

BlackBerry OS

This is a company-owned mobile development platform that was developed by RIM (Research In Motion) for BlackBerry devices. The RIM company permits 3rd party mobile app developers to create software with the use of the accessible BlackBerry Application Programming Interface (API) classes. There are over 15,000 applications that can be downloaded (with most being free!) that are developed with the use of this mobile platform.

Symbian OS

Symbian OS, which actually holds one among the biggest shares within the industry, is one of the most favored by mobile developers. Symbian OS is a free and open source OS and mobile development platform maintained by the Finnish mobile and telecommunications company Nokia. The EKA2 or Symbian Kernel supports reasonably fast actual time response in order to construct a single core mobile phone around it.

These are just some of the most popular platforms that are being used for developing and running various mobile applications when you decide to hire a programmer. Note, that there are many more out there.

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