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Summer Jobs For Students All Year Long!

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Hey Folks!

As Summer’s nearly over and a load of you are going back to university, college, school and further education, I thought i’d drop in a quick blog post with some tips on making those summer jobs last a whole lot longer.

Now, some of you who are new to this site probably haven’t had the pleasure of selling micro-jobs and making a tidy income on the side. You’ve probably been in a bar / restaurant / etc working your fingers to the bone doing something that’s not utilising your skills as AWESOME creative entrepreneurs. So why do it?

Well, now you don’t have to! You can sign up to Jacks Alive (yes, it’s free and always will be), create a job that is in your skill set and post it out on Facebook, Twitter and a load more social networking sites. You can even have a look and see what other people are doing on the site and tweak it so that it’s got your spin on it and make it unique.

Summer Student Jobs

The deal with Jacks Alive is that the marketplace is set up so you don’t need any Start Up Capital, you don’t need a huge client base to get started, you dont need payment infrastructure (although you will need a Paypal account so you can get paid) PLUS you’re not tied into a Business Location with high rents – you don’t even need your own website as all the promo is done using the viral power of Social Media.

You do have a Facebook account right?


It really is a ‘win-win’ situation with sellers using their skills providing resources and services that only take them a little while, through to the buyers who can utilise this expertise at a fraction of what they would normally pay an outsourcing company.

Jacks Alive is constantly looking for ways to help their customers improve the services that they offer – Keep an eye on the blog for regular updates and remember… summer jobs for students doesn’t need to be menial labour at minimum wage. Before you know it you could be pulling in thousands of pounds if you know how to promote yourself.

The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Good Luck & Happy Selling!