Part Time Jobs For Students

Between the ages of 19 and 29 I spent several years as either a full or part-time student and had to supplement my paltry student loan “income” by doing all sorts of part time jobs including bar work, handing out flyers, helping out in shops and stores and even busking!

part time studentOK the last one is maybe not a real job I guess, but it was pretty good cash and it taught me a very valuable lesson that I could make money doing something that I loved and I could also work in my own time without a boss looking over my shoulder 24-7 or breathing down my neck (Isn’t this counted as harassment these days?)

Some days I would pop out in the morning with my trusty, but rusty guitar and spend an hour on the London Underground – The district line, that’s where all the record companies (and rich folks) were and i’d make a nice little earner.
£20 was considered a very poor result and on average I was pulling in around £40-£60 per hour depending on whether I could be bothered to “work?” or hang out with the other buskers drinking copious amounts of tea and avoiding the transport cops.

Now, i’m not here to tell you guys to learn the guitar and do what I did – those days are over my friend – However, what I will advise is find something where you can utilise your talents and be paid for doing something that you enjoy.

This is where the point of the post is :)

There are a few micro job sites online and one of my favourites is this one – dedicated to helping students all over the world make a bit of extra cash in their spare time by performing jobs, services or promotion in their own skill set that only takes a few minutes to complete but makes the buyers life a lot easier and cost a lot less than if they were paying a professional freelancer.

How it works

  • The seller posts their job for free and shares it via social media eg. Facebook, twitter etc.
  • The buyer orders the job via paypal or credit/debit card (each job is only £5).
  • The seller completes the work in the allotted time-scale (set by the seller) and delivers the work.
  • The buyer reviews the work and once they are happy, gives feedback on the completed job.
  • The seller is paid and withdraws their money to their paypal account.

There are a few things to take into account when posting your jobs:

  1. Only post jobs that take a maximum of 15 minutes – You don’t want to be working for any less than £20 per hour
  2. When choosing how many days the job will take, allow for time differences, holidays etc. – Bad feedback will impact on future sales.
  3. Keep in touch with the buyer and let them know how you’re getting on.
  4. PROMOTE YOUR JOB. This is the biggie! The more you share your job on facebook and twitter etc, the more orders you’ll get, the better your feedback will be and err… the more orders you’ll get!

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Well, that’s it folks. I hope you’ll find this post useful. If you did, please show some love with a “like, share, tweet, comment” etc. Have a great day all! :)