New Ultimate Demon Review

Hey Folks,

Over the last couple of months i’ve been testing a few Social Bookmarking & SEO tools and wanted to give you a heads-up about the ones that i’ve found useful and have driven traffic to my sites. Out of the 12 i’ve tested, only TWO have really shown decent results.

Now, I have only been running these tools for 8-10 weeks so I’m not saying that these are the be-all and end-all, but the results have come in fast and if you’re looking at promoting things like Product Launches or time-sensitive offers, you could do a lot worse. First up we’ve got Ultimate Demon from Edwinsoft

Here’s their blurb:


UltimateDemon is a powerful SEO automation tool for your content distribution efforts. With UltimateDemon, you no longer need to own multiple tools. It’s like a “one-stop shop” that offers you a wide variety of websites you can submit your content to.

Unlike many other tools, UltimateDemon offers a very user-friendly interface that has not been seen anywhere else. With UltimateDemon’s seamless submission process, you can now build an unlimited number of links and increase traffic to your website without the need to babysit the software.

There is simply no other software in the market that perform task with the same level of simplicity and automation as UltimateDemon.

System Requirements:

  • (.NET Framework 3.5) + (Windows XP.SP3 x86/x64 or Windows Vista x86/x64 or Windows 7 x86/x64).
  • MAC OSX is not supported. To run in OSX, Virtual Machine that runs Windows OS is required.


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There’s a ton of different uses for Ultimate Demon – I mainly use it for Social Bookmarking, but here’s what it can do at a glance.

1) Account creation -> Create thousands of accounts on various platforms to sell on SEO forums, and places like fiverr.

2) Web 2.0 -> Use Ultimate Demon to sign up and publish to certain Web 2.0 properties which still tend to be favoured by search engines. Then you can blast thousands of forum and other links at those pages to rank highly in Google for competitive keywords. Unfortunately for the more “White Hat” link builders, this technique still works like a charm – Use it to your advantage.

3) Mass content syndication -> Publish your content to tons of article sites, Web 2.0 sites, video sites, press release sites and more. Great for real traffic generation from multiple sources and generate contextual links (which search engines still love a lot).

4) Regular Link Building -> Just crank out backlinks to where-ever you want using the bookmarking tool and the forum profile generator. (Especially after you import thousands of bookmarking sites and forum profile sites – you can find these fairly easily online). All with auto captcha running and all on a schedule, so things run while you tend to your other priorities in life. (who wants to slave for hours over link building?)

Or build links more strategically into link pyramids and link wheels. Then blast simple links to all of the lower pyramid levels and spokes of your link wheels. This way you build links to your money pages that have tons of “link juice”.

You can go as white hat or as black hat as you want with Ultimate Demon.

Buy Ultimate Demon @ $47 per month <–Yep, my affiliate link

Buy Ultimate Demon @ $347 One Off Fee <–and again:-)

EdwinSoft’s Software Reliability

There is nothing more frustrating than a software program that crashes all the time. I typically have ArticleDemon and Bookmarking Demon running around the clock because I like to drip my submission (spread them out over a very long period, usually 3-6 weeks). To my recollection, I can only recall the Article Demon crashing once. That is pretty impressive if you think about it. I was a former user of another SEO software and one of the benefits it listed is it would pick up right where it left off when the software crashed!! I would rather not have the feature and instead just give me a reliable, stable software.

One other thing to point out. EdwinSoft is dedicated to continually improving their software and adding frequent enhancements. As of this writing here are the current versions for EdwinSoft’s products:

  • Article Demon 2.0
  • Bookmarking Demon 6.0
  • CommentDemon

Why is this important? Well, there are some developers out there who never develop their link building software past the beta version. Not so with EdwinSoft. This is one reason why I had enough confidence to buy Ultimate Demon on the launch date.  There is another reason why this is important. Websites are always looking for ways to combat automated link building, but EdwinSoft also keeps evolving so your software does not become obsolete.  If you purchased a link building software and the developers do not invest any more time improving their product, you just wasted a bunch of money. Period.

Support Documentation, Manuals and Training Videos

The thing I hate most about some software developers are their crappy or non-existent user manuals.  Too many of them rely on a knowledgebase or forum for you, the paying customer, to sift through in hopes of finding an answer!  Every EdwinSoft product I have purchased has had ample user documentation and user videos. This is one reason I decided to purchase BookmarkingDemon after I purchased Article Demon.

Ultimate Demon’s User Manuals and Training Videos

Despite the fact that Ultimate Demon is very intuitive and an easy to use SEO software, EdwinSoft provides a comprehensive training with:

  1. A 31 page Quick Start Guide
  2. A 174 page 192 page User Manual
  3. Training Videos
  4. A 51 Page Secret Manual full of link building tips **Update 01/06/2012**

The quality of the training material is the best in the industry and really is representative of the EdwinSoft brand. As I mentioned before, Ultimate Demon is intuitive and easy to learn, but if you have a question, there is ample training for you. Keep in mind, the training and support documentation is every bit a part of the product as the software itself. You pay for it, insist it’s good.

As a beta tester, I did not have training documentation but was able to figure out the software in a matter of minutes. Literally.

Graphical User Interface Design

Function over form, but form is still very important. What do I mean by that? Well, if you’re going to buy a product, it has to do what it says it’s going to do – that is, it must function well. Secondly, the product must be visually appealing and intuitive to use. You’ve seen them and probably used them – ugly looking software with a crappy user interface. EdwinSoft has taken considerable care to make their product functions (reliably) and looks good. Look, anytime you’re looking at this type of software, you’re spending a lot of money. If you’re dropping decent coin on a product then insist it looks good and is easy to use.

Buy Ultimate Demon @ $47 per month <–Yep, my affiliate link

Buy Ultimate Demon @ $347 One Off Fee <–and again:-)

I’ve been running UD on several of my niche sites and there are 2 main differences that it’s made – 1] In the short term (2/3 days) It gives the sites a cracking boost in traffic (Up by between 400% and 2600%!), then it slowly settles down over the next week. And 2] In the medium term (2 months) A steady incline of around 50% increase in traffic EVERY week.

So there you have it, my Ultimate Demon Review – it gets my thumbs up, (And no, there’s no bonuses if you buy through my links – just a great product. Use it and your traffic will increase - plain and simple).