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Make Money With AdflyIn this tutorial I will show you how to make money by loading a script into your site and every click on every link will make you a small piece of passive income. All you do is copy and paste the javascript into your blog then you start making money – seems pretty simple eh? :D

What is is a link shortener service that converts your link into a tiny one just like or The main difference is that PAY you each time a user clicks on the link you create. For further information you can visit their website.

Now I’m going to show you this cool little script that can convert ALL your sites links into ones automatically. So, everytime a user clicks on a link, it will show a small advertising banner at the top of the page and you’ll make a small piece of cash. Imagine if you had quite a few visitors on your site each clicking say 2 or 3 links – That’s going to add up pretty quickly right?

Here it is:

<script type="text/javascript">
onmousemove = function adfly() {
adfly_id = '3080028'; //replace with your ID
banner_id = 'banner';
for (var i = 0; i < document.links.length; i++) {
var hrefer = document.links[i].href;
if(hrefer.match("") || hrefer.match("javascript:")|| hrefer.match("#")) {
document.links[i].href = document.links[i].href;
}else{document.links[i].href = '' + adfly_id + '/' + banner_id + '/' + document.links[i].href;}

Just paste it into your BODY tag of your site. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, i’ve found pasting the code into the footer.php file does the trick nice and easily.


This script will convert all your site’s links, EXCEPT itself, google adsense, javascript href, and ‘#’ href. You can add any other link as exception such as your own site, advertising link, etc. To do that, just add the new || hrefer.match(“your URL”)) inside the IF section of the script.

That’s it.. :D Super simple right? I’m going to test this out for a month on a few of my sites and i’ll report back on the results. My only concern is that it could look a bit “spammy” and visitor level could drop OR it could be a tidy little earner. I’ll let you know and thanks for reading! :)

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