Link Earning Vs. Link Building

If the past year has taught us anything it’s that the world of SEO is changing and if you cant change with then you’re going to get left behind which means no first page rankings for you, sorry about that. So what exactly is changing in SEO that is making old tactics obsolete and have a negative impact on a sites rankings? The main change over the past year or so has been a shift of focus by Google from link building to link earning. So what is the difference between link building and link earning?

Link Exchange vs. Partnership Creation

Link building is all about creating as many links back to your site as possible often regardless of whether the site that is linking back to you is relevant to your industry or has any strength to pass on. The old link building tactic of exchanging links with other websites is no longer a sensible strategy. Instead you should focus on establishing natural partnerships with other sites within your industry. Don’t worry too much about getting a link from their home page or through exact anchor text. The important thing is that the relationship you have with them is natural so if you think your users will enjoy or benefit from reading a blog on their site then link to it and the same goes for them. Natural linking will reap far more rewards than obvious reciprocal linking for no other purpose but boosting your rankings.

Email Marketing vs. Social Promotion

Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that you shouldn’t pursue an email marketing strategy I would suggest that instead you focus on social promotion. If you create a social community of relevant contacts within your industry and potential customers then you can promote your latest offers and deals in a more engaging and less intrusive way. People don’t like promotional emails, the majority of us delete them with even reading them as we see them as spam but if you already have an online relationship with someone then they will be more likely to pay attention to your promotions.

Directory Submissions vs. Content Creation

The days of adding your url to every online directory you can find are thankfully long gone. Directory submissions are an example of link building at its worst although there are still some local business directories that are useful to be in. Instead of adopting a directory submissions strategy I would recommend focusing on creating excellent, engaging and most important of all, unique content that other websites will want to share, embed and link to. This will tell Google that your site is relevant within your industry and that you know what you’re talking about therefore they will want you to ranking highly in their search results.

Stuart Cooke is a freelance SEO Consultant. His business Pinnacle SEO helps webmasters of all levels achieve higher rankings and gain more visitors through ethical link earning techniques.