How to use Unique Article Wizard Effectively

Unique Article Wizard TipsOver the past wee while, Google has been cracking down on sites which drive too many backlinks within a certain period. If a website gains too many backlinks quickly then it can be put down as spam and unnatural. Google want natural back linking because this shows that, the content is good and if the content gets enough backlinks pointing to it then Google will rank it higher.

Many new Internet marketers are now using Unique Article Wizard to make backlinks, although many people are sending the links straight to their domain name. This is not good for SEO, because Unique Article Wizard makes tons of links and it will look unnatural to Google if you send them straight to your domain name.

A good idea is to make a blogger blog and a squidoo page. You can then send the Unique Article Wizard links to the small blogs and then add your domain name onto the small blogs, giving your main site an SEO boost in the keywords you are want to rank for. If you know Pat Flynn, then you will be happy to know that this is how he ranked his blog, “”, quickly.

If you want to get some quick rankings then doing this is safe from the panda and penguin because all the links are point to the small blogs which can take, these kind of link building, then just point the blogs to your main site which will give you a great SEO boost.

What you should not do!

Do not send all links to your main site if you’re using Unique Article Wizard, because you will most likely get banned from Google. It looks very unnatural and the last thing you want is to get banned.

If you keep your site looking natural then Google will award you with good consistent rankings, so be smart.

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