How to Use a Facebook Tab to Send People to Your Own Website


One of the challenges for small businesses in using Facebook for marketing is driving readers to their regular website. Often they will be just as content to follow you on Facebook, read your interesting updates and maybe interact with your most compelling posts, but forget that you exist outside of Facebook! Having an easy way to let your Facebook visitors go to your website is a must.

The Static iFrame Tab application from Woobox is great for this. Woobox has many many useful apps to add to business Pages (aka Fan Pages) so do check them all out sometime. Today we will focus on one, an “HTML Fangate” style application. But to simplify things for the average user, we will focus on the redirect function. Creating a tab/app on your business Page (those little boxes under your cover image) can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Note: If at any time you are asked to Authorize App or click a green button to go ahead and allow Woobox access to your Facebook or your email address, go ahead and agree. This needs to be done in order for Woobox to have permission to operate on your Page. I’ve been using this app for years without problems so it is OK to authorize!

Let’s get started!

1. Visit and click on Get Started for Free


2. You will first be asked to authorize your Page by name – click the name of  your Page in the drop down menu and then you will be brought to this panel. Select HTML Fangate and then click on Add HTML Fangate Tab to start a new tab.

Woobox 2


3. The next panel will default to a blank HTML space, but change the Page Source to Redirect instead. Then in the resulting http:// box, enter your website address you would like this tab to redirect to. Then Save at the bottom. Leave everything else alone. :)

Woobox_3 Promotions_Manager


4. If you click on Tab Settings on the left you can also change the image shown to something you create on your own. It must measure 111 x 74 pixels. Try taking a snapshot of your site and resizing it, or creating something else with picmonkey or another program. The default title of the tab is WELCOME but you can change that here as well, such as Shop My Site, or whatever your link will be pointing to.

Woobox_4 Promotions_Manager

5. Once you have it how you want it, visit your Page on Facebook (it is easiest to just open a new window and go there manually) and look for the little down arrow to the right of your existing tab/apps (yours may have a # or not) and click it. This opens up all your apps (if any others) as well as the way to make your new redirect app Live.


6. Find the nearest blank box that has a plus + sign in the right corner and click the + sign.


7. Once you’ve clicked the + sign you will get a list of any apps you’ve previously added to your “favorites” which show on your Page. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on Static HTML iFrame Tab by Woobox – and voila! Your new redirect tab will appear in the blank box’s place.



8. Once it is “live” it will likely be buried under that little down arrow we talked about above, and you will want to move it up to make it more visible. To move it’s position, click the little pencil to the top right of the app image and find the other app you want to “swap positions with” such as your Like count or your Events page. You cannot swap with the Photos tab but anything else can be moved around. You may need to swap others out with something to get the arrangement the way you would like, if you’ve added other apps.


9. Now reload your Page to check it out! You should see your new tab where you want it. If you click on it, the app will ask if you want to (as the admin) redirect the way they customers would, to your website. If you click this you will be taken to the website you indicated in the Redirect box. If you click CANCEL you will be taken to the admin panel for this app, which is where you set the URL or can adjust the app title or image.

This app is not perfect – sometimes I’ve used it in the exact sequence above that usually works, and something does not “stick” such as the app image or title. Just try again if you run into trouble. You can also adjust the app settings by clicking that little down arrow net to your top row of apps and then clicking the pencil icon on the app image itself and click on Edit Settings. Another way to adjust it is by going to your Page’s Admin Panel, then click on Edit Page, and then click the More… tab on top and find Apps. From there all the apps your Page is using will be listed and you can adjust it’s settings there. Or, reach out to my by leaving a comment here and I will do my best to help!

Good luck and enjoy! Having this redirect app will make it easy for your fans to do business with you! You can create as many as you like for free, so try creating a new one for your Business Opportunity, or your Hostess Rewards or other special offer. I move them around from time to time depending on what I wan to emphasize. Have fun!