How to Productively Comment on Blog Posts

This article looks at a number of simple etiquette do’s and don’ts when it comes to commenting on blog posts, or other users’ remarks.

CommentLink Building

User generated content, through blog comments, is an extremely important aspect of any SEO or link building campaign. That is why link-building articles tell you to focus on blogs that get a lot of visitors, comments, and social media airtime so you can make the most of the guest blogging opportunity available.

One way of building inbound links is to comment on blogs yourself. However, these will be strongly moderated by a blogger looking to protect their reputation and brand, so there are some things you need to know in order to make your comments stand out and get the all-important link.

Don’t Promote

If I were paid for every blog I had seen with a promotional message in the comments section, then removed a short time later, I would be a very rich man indeed. Unless the link or service you post or promote in the comment is actually relevant to the blog, or is reinforcing your point, then do not do it. Many bloggers will not only delete your comment but also mark it as spam, taking away your posting privileges indefinitely.

Many bloggers also share spammers’ names, and if you are posting using a service such as Intense Debate, with one username for everything you comment on, you could have a problem.

Read the Post

If you are a lazy link builder, then the chances are you probably scroll down to the bottom and write “well written, excellent points, thank you.” If you want to actually build a rapport and a relationship with the blog owner, you should read the post and then make a comment that is relevant to the content in the blog. If you are looking for a potential link building or guest blogging opportunity in the future, strike up a conversation by mentioning specific points you agree or disagree with.

Be Polite, Professional, and Courteous

Unfortunately, we are living in the age of the “Keyboard Warrior,” where people can sit and type whatever they want into social media and comment forums without facing any real consequences.

Make sure that all of your comments are polite and respectful at all times, even if you vehemently disagree with what was said. Another common mistake is to get drawn into arguments with fellow commenters, who are all too quick to make a personally charged remark. A simple “thank you for your viewpoint” should diffuse the situation, although you might be best off just ignoring and reporting any such abuse.

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