How Press Release Marketing Helps Generate Traffic

Press release marketing works much the same way as article marketing. The term, press release, hearkens to the news. It is generally used to indicate the official report of a certain event. The same idea applies to online marketing. It is another way for search engine optimization. Press releases attract attention because they are current events. To illustrate this, let us imagine an example.

Let us pretend that you own a website about bicycles. You have already written many articles about bicycles and publish them throughout the Internet. This article writing strategy has improved your search engine ranking, but traffic to your website really has not increased much. The fact is, people are just not interested. Or, they just have no reason to research bicycles. Then, it comes close to the world tour and suddenly people interested in the bicyclists and the history of the tour. This interest will not last very long, so you have to act fast. Their interest is not in the bicycles necessarily so all the work you have done writing articles about bicycles will not catch this particular school of fish. You also do not have the time to write new articles about bicyclists and the world tour. What can you do?

You can write a few press releases. These are more like blog presses than they are articles. They cover the event and they connect that event to their own topic. The marketing strategy comes from publishing these press releases in well-placed areas. If done right, you will notice a spike in website traffic. Not everybody who visits your site because of that press release will become a consistent visitor. However, some of them will. If you continue to publish press releases, regular website traffic will also continue to increase. There are many current events that could be potential connections to your website. It just takes some research and some creativity.

It also takes a good bit of familiarity with search engine criteria to launch a good campaign. Sometimes it is easier and more beneficial to hire a team who already know what they are doing. They know what kind of current events work best and they often have their own places of publication. At the same time, learning how to do it yourself can be more rewarding. Your website may suffer for a while from your inexperience, but eventually you could become self-sufficient and save some pocket change.

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