Host-Stage : The best Windows VPS Provider Ever!

Guest Post by Jeffrey Merindow

Today, I’m pleased to introduce you my favorite windows virtual provider ! I believe you already know that I’m keen of SEO tools and in order to run them properly I need a dedicated computer with a mega fast internet connection.

Finding the perfect provider isn’t an easy task with so many offers, prices, slight differences and the reviews to read. However, after compiling all those information, I couldn’t find as cheap and as complete as host-stage.

As a matter of fact, it is the only provider I know about which fulfils all the requirements I had such as :

  • A gigabyte internet connection ( 1000 mbps). After receiving my product I reached up to 969 mbps with a speed test ! Wonderful !
  • Xeon Based Processor which insure a proper running of my greedy tools
  • SEO tools compliance of course which is a tricky part as very few providers are displaying the information and most of them would suspend me after a few campaigns.
  • No proxies required. Lots of VPS provider specialized in SEO tools are first expensive by the definition of expensive, but they also ask you to use proxies which is a requirement for some tools but for some others it would slow greatly the whole process.
  • Bandwidth unlimited. Another critical point as unlimited is a great marketing word involving generally a physical limit. After enquiring the support about that matter, they confirmed me that the bandwidth is simply unmetered. On another hand, I loved the fact they told me the truth about the limits which always exist. At, they monitor the bandwidth overall the nodes and they are used to a regular high amount of bandwidth. However, if one month they go way beyond the limit, they will investigate and invite the greedy users to reduce the usage and without any suspension nor any extra cost ! I found it honest, well organized and customers friendly !
  • Excellent, Fast and polite support. I was so excited and so in a hurry to try them out, that I sent them an email and I went to the livechat to ask them about their unmetered bandwidth policy. Well, on one hand, I felt like a VIP and on another hand the operator was almost annoying to make sure that I had perfectly understood his answer, which is at the end more than satisfying ! However, by the time I finished the chat I received an email from another support operator explaining their policy. Just amazing !
  • Finally, as a customer we want the lowest prices possible, there is no way I could imagine spending $100 for a single windows VPS. Starting at $12.95 it is very hard to do better even though I have chosen a 2 Gb of RAM and 2 Cores VPS for only $44.95.

I have to concede that I was in doupt dealing with the quality of the VPS windows itself. I mean, the wrapping services seems excellent and made me buy it promptly but while waiting for my machine, I had some second thoughts : “ Are the nodes overloaded ?” “Will I get what I paid for ?” “Will I be delivered at all ?”

2 hours later I had my famous answers ! Host-Stage is the best Windows VPS provider that I have ever came across ! The VPS was and still is running smoothly with all my data and SEO tools. The support remains quite friendly !

I needed to share my experience with them and I only do so when I meet an outstanding and unique service. So if you are looking for a windows VPS click here and no need to go back !