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Guest Post by Mike Nieves

free website builderSo what is Handzon?

Handzon is an easy to use drag and drop website builder with the most powerful tools available online. If you’re starting a website for the first time we’ve got you covered, you’ve got all the tools needed to create a web site faster than ever. No programming knowledge, no HTML, no upload, it all happens all on line.

Standard Features like…

  • Web site hosting included
  • Use your own domain name and email
  • Drag and drop, quick editing and building pages in moments
  • Quick slide shows
  • Forms to help you gather information from your customers
  • And hundreds of template combinations
  • Sell products and services with Paypal and Google Checkout
  • Get found online on Google, Bing and Yahoo, all with simple search engine optimization tools that anyone can use

With Handzon, You’re the pro now…

Handzon is perfect for designers or Webmasters. You’ll have the same simple tools available to the beginners along with more advanced options. Handzon is clean fast HTML 5 CSS Driven webpages. You’ll get faster more efficient web sites with better search engine optimization. Hand over web sites to your customers and they can manage their website on their own! And that makes you a rockstar webmaster.
As an advanced user, you’ll get Full access to HTML. Edit the CSS on any element. And with HTML 5 you’ll have mobile web sites. And through the Handzon Affiliate Program, you share in the revenue on a monthly basis for each of your customers! So There you have it… Web sites that are designed easier and found on Google, with real HTML 5 and CSS, done like a pro…Handzon - it’s how to make a website.


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