Exa Host: A Webhosting Partner You Can Trust In MENA

exa hosting in menaWhile it’s true that the success of any online business today depends on the quality of its website, but it’s equally important that the website should be hosted on reliable and trustworthy servers, so that it can be accessed by the users uninterruptedly. That’s where the web hosting companies come into play. Exa Host, a web hosting company founded in 2002 and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is one of the most popular and biggest web hosting companies today in the Middle East.

Sincere Customer Support

They have been hosting more than 5000 websites at present, and because of their excellent services, those numbers are increasing with each passing month. One of the best achievements of Exa Host is that the company has shown tremendous growth in the past few years when the world was going through recession. Now when the market is too tight, it takes a lot to satisfy the customers. And Exa Host has accomplished this with excellent services and amazing customer care services. No wonder; there is no dearth of companies that want to host their websites with Exa Host, both locally and internationally (MENA).

A Datacentre in Arabia

The strength of Exa Host lies in its dedication towards any business that wants to get their business online. Many start-up companies are choosing Exa Host over other web hosting services precisely due to this quality. They really go above and beyond to make these online businesses a success. Apart from the web hosting, their domain registration and transfer services are pretty easy and straightforward. No wonder most of the major Saudi governmental entities and major private companies have chosen Exa Host for their online presence. Recently, Exa Host entered into partnership with another Saudi-German company called Detecon Al Saudia, which built a Tier 3+ data centre in Riyadh, allowing Exa Host to provide hosting services from inside Saudi Arabia.

How much space on the web you really need, which server hosting would be perfect for your business, should you consider a windows-based server or a Linux-based server or do you want to go for shared hosting, dedicated or VPS hosting or you want to avail the advanced cloud computing services and so and so forth. These are the question that can confuse and overwhelm anybody who is new to the web hosting industry. Exa Host seems to be aware of this problem and they have provided a perfect solution for this.

And Knowledge for all

For the newbie who have just entered in online business industry and who want to sharpen their online skills, Exa Host has a wonderful blog for that purpose. They have recently integrated this blog into their website to help their existing customers – or anyone – who want to sharpen their web hosting knowledge. The blog offers tips and tricks, How-to guides and latest articles with a new appealing design to any website owner.

They have just revamped their old website in June 2012, specifically to make it more user-friendly. This is another excellent proof of their dedication towards their customers. One of the most striking features of this design is that the users can access many of the important services right from the home page itself without having to waste any time in locating the information. It has all the plans and pricing of its services and a FAQ section to clear the doubts of its users, right there on the home page.

This new web design is the brainchild of Saudi co-founder, Sami Al Helwa, who has done an in-depth study of all the competitive websites and the customer behaviour on these websites and how customers would like to access information on a website. After an in-depth and detailed research, he came up with this excellent user-friendly design that has been made by keeping the end user in mind and it also efficiently conveys the core values and the services promised by the company.

Hosting in the Cloud

While Exa Host has already made its name in every hosting platform, ranging from shared to dedicated hosting and from VPS to Linux and windows based hosting, but the company has recently started offering the very latest cloud hosting services along with Hosted Microsoft applications, namely; Microsoft’s Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Dynamics. That’s the sign of a company that keeps pace with the changing times and open to the needs and requirements of more demanding clients.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable web hosting company in the Middle East, that can offer you unmatched services and value for your money, then look no further than Exa Host.

Author bio:
Raouf Shabayek
Freelance writer and online marketer