Eric Clapton Might Be A Genius But Does He Know About SEO?

It takes a pretty special concert for you to go out afterwards and daub graffiti on the walls saying that the guitarist is God. That is exactly what famously happened after an Eric Clapton concert though.

Eric Clapton SEO Master?I have taken advantage of the internet’s many resources to download some of his finest works – it is still legal to do that, isn’t it? I was wondering fairly idly whether the great man had ever heard of SEO.

Well, lo and behold, it seems that Slowhand not only knows about it but he was giving out SEO advice before it even existed. I know it sounds weird but here is the evidence.

Tales of Brave Ulysses

I might be wrong but I think that this could be the only song ever to mention both the hero from Homer’s Odyssey and crimson shells. Clapton didn’t actually write the lyrics; they were handed to him written on a beer mat apparently. However, his guitar playing and ideas helped bring it alive. What does Tales of Brave Ulysses tell us about SEO work? Well, to me it shows that you can bring fresh and edgy ideas to any subject. He had previously applied his deadly guitar work mainly to old blues songs but here he was playing on a song which talked about, well, I am not really sure what it talks about to be honest. Somehow it works and what it can teach us it that it is worth taking chances and doing something completely different. If you have a weird sounding idea for making your SEO projects work better then you should go for it just like Clapton and Cream did.


This is another Cream classic and it always sounds to me like an amazing guitar solo which has had a song tacked onto it because he didn’t know where else to put it. Maybe that is being a big harsh but how else do you explain the lyrics about swans in the park and the kid who got married to Mabel? It works though and I can find a link to SEO in here as well. You can always find ways to fit in your best bits of work, even when it might not seem immediately obvious how. I keep a folder with my best unused SEO articles and another with vague ideas I have had floating around my head. Sometimes they languish in there for ages before I use them but they almost all come in useful at some point. I like to think that Clapton had a couple of folders, one with “Daft Lyrics about Swans” written on it and the other called “Brilliant Solos with No Song Attached”. It was then just a question of combining the two.

Change the World

This is a lovely song from later on in his career, isn’t it? His singing has improved notably from the early days and the message in the song is fantastic. Who wouldn’t want to change the world? Can you do this with your SEO work? I don’t see why not. If you want to help people find what they are after and enjoy doing it then I think you should do exactly this. There is no rule which says that SEO has to be a boring exercise in looking at keywords and building links. Instead, you can bring it alive by imagining how you can make the end user experience better and enhance the site’s ranking at the same time. You might not become God and change the world completely but you can make it a little bit better for some people, and that has got to be a good feeling.

For a great experience which lets you forget about your poor search ranking blues you need to turn to an SEO company with the ability to do things differently when it is needed.