How Useful Is An SEO Marketing Tool?

Search engine marketing tools help you get website visitors to your site. The most typical kinds at present are usually used to promote your site such as Yahoo, Google etc. It provides a broad variety of services to everyone at no cost. To enjoy the best of search engines, you need to use effective search…

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10 Simple SEO Tricks

There are many clever methods you can try and exploit to get a higher than natural ranking in the search engines, some of them might even work! But it is generally our first-hand experience that if you try and cheat the system you’re likely to get burnt and when you do get burnt it’s likely…

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Protected: Guest Blogging – Fancy A Link?

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Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins Hey Folks!  There’s really only 2 types of plugins for WordPress 1. Free and 2. Premium (I use both, read on and you’ll see why.) Typically I prefer the premium themes and plugins purely because you know (99% of the time) that the quality, service and support is going to be there if…

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Free Google Adwords Made Easy Book

Hey folks, just a quick post to let you know about this free Google adwords guide that’s been kicking around on my hard drive for the last couple of months. I know, sometimes I just get “Shiny Object Syndrome” and forget about some of the cool stuff that’s landed in my inbox so I thought…

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Installing WordPress on Hostgator

WordPress Tutorials: Installing a WordPress Blog on Hostgator Most web hosting companies these days have a cPanel admin area similar to that of Hostgator, so instead of going through each individual host (of which there are thousands), we’re just going to concentrate on one. Here’s a step-by step video showing you how to Install a WordPress blog…

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Understanding Domain Names

Domain names play a very important part in the way we use websites. Why? Website addresses are initially formed out of numbers. On their own, these numbers would make very little sense to most of us. So domain names replace the numbers with a language that we can all understand. Overall, domain names are straightforward…

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What Is A Domain Name Extension?

Domain name extensions are an important part of any website address. They can represent either an international location, for example, or a type of website: • .com (company) • .org (organisation) • .net (Internet) • .info (information) Domain name extensions are controlled by regulatory bodies. However, the actual registration of domain names is processed…

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What Is A Domain Name?

In this tutorial we’re going to look at the relationship between domain names and website addresses. First of all, what is a domain name? Domain names are made up of 2 parts, the domain name and the domain name extension. To help us understand the role domain names play, let’s take a look at a…

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How To Choose A Domain Name

When choosing a domain name you are effectively selecting your website address. This is the phrase that anyone typing your address into their web browser will have to use. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a domain name that’s memorable and relevant to your site. Of course, if you’re a brand, organisation or a company,…

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