Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins Hey Folks!  There’s really only 2 types of plugins for WordPress 1. Free and 2. Premium (I use both, read on and you’ll see why.) Typically I prefer the premium themes and plugins purely because you know (99% of the time) that the quality, service and support is going to be there if…

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Free Google Adwords Made Easy Book

Hey folks, just a quick post to let you know about this free Google adwords guide that’s been kicking around on my hard drive for the last couple of months. I know, sometimes I just get “Shiny Object Syndrome” and forget about some of the cool stuff that’s landed in my inbox so I thought…

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Free Fonts for Logo Design

Hey folks! Just wanted to give you guys a little tip when designing logos for clients or your own products. Dafont has got around 15,000 fonts available for instant download handily split into themes and styles – The “Top 100″ is always worth bookmarking and coming back to every couple of weeks. Check it out…

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