Can Host-Stage Be An Outstanding Linux VPS Provider Too ?

Guest Post by Jeffrey Merindow

After introducing you my experience with my new favorite windows VPS provider, I decided to try out their linux VPS to host several projects .

As an internet marketer, it remains logical that I regularly create tons of websites based on some targeted keywords. After being suspended with this reputable company (**cough cough**) because of what the hosting providers obscurely calls : “over usage of inodes” and this in spite of their unlimited space marketing term.

Therefore, after a massive loss of income, I decided to divide all my websites across several web hosting providers in order to avoid placing all the eggs in the same basket.

However, it was pretty much non-convenient and sometimes it was very hard to remember where such website is located.

I decided to merge them back again on a single linux VPS with a comfortable storage space.

As I was quite pleased about host-stage, I decided to give them a chance, well the truth is they actually succeeded to convince me to step in.

The killing argument was that they would offer a 48 hours guaranteed transfer for exactly 32 websites!

And above all, a no-downtime guarantee which literally means for me a complete no hands situation with no losses of traffic. It remains very difficult to say no to such an offer which would fulfill my reliability need and insure a convenience of usage with all my websites within the same place.

After 48 hours, I received an email with my Cpanel details and with all my websites already transferred to my brand new linux VPS which costs me less than $30 a month (less than $1 / month / website).

The only remaining part was to transfer my domains to the new VPS thus they even offered to do it for me.

I really eager to discover my new service and I realized that the VPS in spite of 32 websites hosted was amazingly fast and it keeps being quite efficient even though that now the traffic is redirected to my VPS.

I must say it is the fastest loading time I have ever seen for my websites which is of course a major SEO factor !

It has been 6 weeks overall since I’m using and I must say that their services quality is extraordinary !

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