Brand Building With Twitter Marketing In 2012

twitter marketingWhen a company or individual decides to build a brand using a Twitter profile, it will need a way to increase activity and attract more followers in conversation. Here are some good tips to achieve that:

Retweeting others: When you see posts that you find interesting or relevant you should share them with your followers. It is best if you Retweet the original tweet. Retweeting accomplishes two important things; it gives credit to the original profile that posted it and it lets that profile know that you found their content interesting enough to share with your followers.

@mentioning relevant audiences: If you want to share certain content with particular people that you think might be interested you would use the @mention and their twitter handle in your post. This tells the profile that you found a post that you thought they would be interested in. That, hopefully, will open a line of communication with them.

Incorporating relevant hashtags: In addition to informing your followers what you and your tweets are about, you can draw new followers to your posts with trending hashtags. When people are searching keywords your hashtag could match and they will see what you have to say.

Sharing a variety of the content from your site at timely moments: Consider posting webinars, pictures, upcoming events and possibly promotions your brand is running, so your followers can see that behind the Twitter handle there is a real person. A personal feel is important to adding life to your profile and tweets.

Services like Linknami allow you to multiply your reach by connecting with social influencers and topic experts who share your messages with their following.

Using Twitter to promote new jobs: Another way to show there are people behind your brands Twitter handle is to post job openings. Twitter can be a great resource for the Human Resource Department of a company. Jobs can be posted to reach out to followers who may know prospective candidates.

It is extremely important to be active on the Twitter network, you cannot just “be” and expect anything to happen. Your business can reach thousands of followers, 140 characters at a time. To keep their profile from going stale, brands need to engage on a daily basis, they need to leave an incentive for followers to keep coming back to their profile and read their content then click to their site and ultimately do business with them.