Are Google Hiring Bing Employees?

Hey Folks!

shocking!I know it’s “Work Experience” time for schoolkids at the moment, but should they really be writing big G’s algorithms? Or have Google unknowingly been infiltrated from Yahoo & Bing??

Seriously though, I’ve been noticing a lot of Google dancing (drastically changing position in the SERPS) on several of my sites in the last few days. I’m thinking that there’s been a new penguin update and will have a dig around in reliable forums to see what other folks are saying, but here’s a little update about a few of my sites (and also what i plan to do about it).

I run a shedload of niche sites and when that pesky Penguin came along it hit quite a few of them hard – Totally understandable as in the past I had been using a few “dark grey hat” techniques to help them along in the rankings. Luckily, I’ve managed to clean them up without too much trouble and have gone a lot more “white hat” with these – I’m happy to report they are climbing back up the SE results quite nicely and I expect to have them back where they were (or above) within the next few weeks.

However, a few sites which I didn’t do any “Jiggery-Pokery” on that had been pottering along quite nicely have suddenly dropped over 200 places and other sites of mine in similar niches (which have been getting VERY low traffic over the last several months) have rocketed to the top. Very. Very. Odd.

I’ve also noticed that on one highly searched keyphrase, 5 of the top 10 results on Google point to one specific Malware site – Good work guys!

Plan of action

1. Do nothing.

What? Do NOTHING? Yep, I figure it’s another update that is part of Google’s “Ready, Fire, Aim” Strategy that will be updated again in the next few days and hopefully the wheat will be sorted from the chaff.

2. Carry on “White Hatting”

I’ve been in the SEO / IM game for long enough to see that although Black Hat techniques and loopholes can be useful in the short term, If you want to have decent longevity and not be looking over your laptop’s shoulder every 5 minutes, it’s always good to go for the tortoise’s approach rather than the hare.

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I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and if any of your sites have been affected over the last few days (6/6/12 – 9/6/12).

Have a great day all!