Android Is Great For Internet Marketers – 5 Apps You Need To Check Out

Android by Blogger24If like Blogger24 you’re in the Internet Marketing industry, you probably already know just how important keeping up with everything is. If you miss a detail or aren’t in front of the computer at a crucial time, you can lose traffic, customers and money very easily.

Fortunately, everything is just a little bit easier nowadays, thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets that can do most if not all of the things your laptop can. With today’s 4+ inch screens, WVGA and higher resolutions and a huge amount of apps for everything, it’s pretty easy to monitor the status of your online PPC campaigns, SEO and other important things.

Android is one of the most powerful operating system for mobile devices, and it was developed by Google, which is the number one service provider for most online marketers out there, so the tight integration is only of benefit. As such, a lot of Internet marketers are choosing a phone running this OS for their work. Below are just some of the apps you can find on the marketplace, which will help you in your Internet marketing activities.

PayPal. PayPal is the premier payment solution for everyone on the Internet, and every marketer who’s ever tried to sell something knows that people trust the service more than they trust a bank or credit card. The official Android app will help you send, receive and manage payments wherever you are, at any time, which is pretty useful when you’re having a product launch, for example, but can’t get on the Internet using your laptop.

SEO Stats. Everyone in the online marketing industry knows how important statistics are. They determine what you’re going to do next, and you can analyze them and know what will work best in your campaign, so you don’t have to waste money. SEO Stats is one of the best apps for Android that gets you the data from Google Analytics and other online analytics services right onto your phone’s screen.

AndFTP. An FTP client is indispensable for anyone who owns a web site, and it’s very important that you’re able to edit and upload files to your site anytime, anywhere. You never know when something might go wrong or you need to edit a landing page. With smartphones and tablets having 8, 16 and more Gigabytes of memory, you can easily store entire sites on them and use a text or even HTML editor to edit pages, then use AndFTP, the best FTP client app, to upload them to your web server. Simple and easy!

Gmail. Gmail comes preinstalled on pretty much all Android phones and pads, but if it’s not on your new device, you should definitely install it. It’s Google’s official client for their premier email service, and if you’re using it (and you should), you’ll benefit from having this app on your mobile device.

Droid Analytics. Droid Analytics is the most comprehensive analytics tool for Android, which pulls all the data from you Google Analytics account and shows it to you on nice and easy to read graphs. With it, you can use most of Google Analytics services and features, unlike SEO stats, but it might be just a tad too complicated for new users.

Twitter for Android. If you’re using the leading micro-blogging platform, Twitter, for your business or marketing campaigns, you simply ought to have the official Android app on your phone. This way you can do everything you need on the move, without ever opening your laptop. The app has all the features that Twitter has to offer and more!

There are many other useful apps, a lot of which are created and maintained by various services like affiliate networks and SEO monitoring sites. If you want anything else, you can simply visit the Google Play marketplace and search for whatever you need – I’m sure you’ll find an app for that. Be sure to check out the apps listed above, while you’re at it!

Author: Blogger24, blogging for profit.