3 Factors To Consider Before Disregarding Guest Posting

Guest Posting on Blogs Guest blogging has become one of the great ways to get high quality back links. You submit a post now and within 2-3 months it will have been shared across top social networks and related blogs; link juice grows as the months go by.

The chances are you are already posting on external blogs on a regular basis, but are you doing it right?

Finding Quality Blogs

The first stage is to find a high quality and relevant blog. The more relevant the blog is to the page you will link to, the better.

If you are submitting your low quality spun articles to 100s of low quality sites, you are going to get penalised. Simply do a Google search and you will find plenty of blogs to submit to.

You need to search “niche” + one of the following:

“Guest posting”

  • “Write for us”
  • “Submit article”

An example would be “write for us web design”.

These are weak indicators, but combined with the actual quality of the content on the site, it should give you an idea if you want your content and links associated with that particular site.

Finding Quality Writers

Ok, so your problem might not be find places to post, but actually, finding a quality blog writer. That’s not surprising, as there are hundreds to choose from. The writers that you have found are either going to be low quality or overpriced. Here are some tips to help you choose a writer:

  • Focus on quality rather than price. Quality posts will create much more link juice over time.
  • View a range of samples from each service provider.
  • Ask for references
  • Discuss discounts for bulk orders

Making The Most Out Of Every Opportunity

Guest posting is working, there is no doubt about that. Thousands of websites have seen their websites boost in terms of their overall SEO score and SEO service providers are using this as part of their monthly campaigns. Why? They can get links on high quality sites that have huge levels of traffic; all they need to pay is the fee for the blog post!

This is a long term opportunity that will help boost your website SEO.

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